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jwkorth"A bond's intrinsic value is based on the issuer's ability to pay, the general interest rates, the bond's interest rate and terms. The offered value of a bond is based on public exposure, ratings, opinions, and fashion and the level of understanding of the seller.

For the past thirty years, we have sought out bonds we believe have a higher intrinsic than offered value and passed the higher value to our customers. While we cannot guarantee future results, so far we have been blessed with excellent results for our customers. "

- James W. Korth, Managing Partner


Company History

J W Korth & Company was started by Jim Korth in 1982. Throughout the 80s and 90s Korth focused on investment banking , underwriting debt of major corporations for retail issue and pioneered many of the corporate debt programs that are found today. As the internet took hold in the early 2000s we saw a unique opportunity to help bring a traditionally fractured market to the public, and launched the Shop4Bonds website in 2003.

The Shop4Bonds website offered over 45,000 different bonds searchable by a variety of parameters, across two platforms. The website attracted many self-directed fixed income investors.

In 2007, we acquired and many of its employees, including many of its brokers, backoffice, and trade desk. The result was a great marriage of two organizations of fixed income experts with an online presence to help both high net worth retail investors, but also Registered Investment Advisors and small institutions.

We have found over the years that while some clients enjoy using the Shop4Bonds site, most like to use our team of fixed income experts to help them choose bonds and other income oriented products for their investment portfolios. In 2011 we became a Registered Investment Advisor in addition to being a broker/dealer, and have added managed accounts to our suite of products and services that we can offer our clients.

Today, Korth occupies an unique place in the marketplace. We bring institutional investing expertise to individual investors and small institutions. We provide our clients with suite of products and expertise that usually only the largest investors and institutions receive. Many of the bonds and other investments we sell are created specifically for our clients and many others are hard to find elsewhere.

The firm is run by Jim Korth, the founder and Managing Partner of the firm and Holly MacDonald-Korth, Jim's daughter, who joined the firm in 2006, acts as Managing Director. Our trade desk is headed out of our Lansing office by Pamela Hipp, Managing Director of Trading. We are a committed, family run firm, that plans to pass this company to the next generation.

We currently have offices in Miami, FL and Lansing, Michigan, and our clients are located across the country and around the world.


The following issuers have used J. W. Korth & Company as a lead manager for their syndicates.




Citicorp Homeowners Inc. (1987) 


General Motors Acceptance Corporation 


Sallie Mae 



BP America, Inc.


Salomon Inc. (1990-1991)






Household Finance



Westinghouse Credit Corp. 


Queensland (Australia) Treasury Corp. 


 Wells Fargo & Company


The Kroger Company 


RJR Nabisco, Inc.



McDonnell Douglas Finance Corp. 



Maxus Energy Corp. 



J.W. Korth & Company is a member of FINRA, the SIPC, SIFMA, the Bond Dealers of America, and an MSRB registrant.

We currently have offices in Miami, FL and Lansing, Michigan, and our clients are located across the country and around the world





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