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Bond Values Research:
We are continually searching the bond markets for values. During the course of trading we become aware of interesting situations. When we feel it is appropriate, we pass this valuable information on to you by special e-mails.  Click here to subscribe


Free Test Drive:  

You can take a one time test ride of our system for 14 days by simply giving us your name and email address and agreeing to receive our Bond Values Research. Take 14-Day Free Test Drive .


Easy On-Line Account Opening:  
It takes just a few minutes to fill out an application. Click Here .


Depository Trust Company Delivery:  
Want to trade with us and consolidate your accounts elsewhere? We accept securities and deliver securities pursuant to your instructions via book entry DTC delivery. Delivery is free. Call or email us to get a DTC Delivery Form.


Online Bond Account Statements and Account Viewing:  
Through our clearing partner RBC Correspondent Services, you will receive online statements and on-line viewing of your account. Sign up here .




Special Offerings:
For special offerings and Buys or Sells handled through one our of our Investment Specialists bonds will be offered at a net price with a customary mark-up.


Bonds We Own:
For bonds we own prior to sale to you, we may have a profit or loss based on market conditions.


Other Situations:
Most people are familiar with transactions in the bond market as either buying or selling a security. While these encompass most transactions, from time to time other transactions occur which require investors to make an informed decision. An example are tender offers where either the issuer or some other party offers to purchase your bonds against some set of particular terms, conditions and time frame.

A tender offer often requires a continuous, time consuming daily interaction among the bondholder, his broker, the tender offer advisor and the tender agent. Tender offer terms often are changed on a daily and even an hourly basis. Consequently these offers require extra effort by us to be sure that timely information is delivered to you and may require our analyzing particulars and giving advice as to help you make an informed decision.

There are also other situations which may require similar attention on our part. For these types of transactions, we charge a fee of $7.50 per bond or a minimum of $150.00 upon completion of the transaction.


Incidental Institutional Costs:
There are other incidental institutional costs common throughout the securities industry. At Shop4Bonds, we have found ways to help our customers manage these costs to a minimum level:

  • Automated Customer Account Transfers (ACATs): When you ship your securities to another firm, it requires people's time to review and execute the transaction. Consequently there is a charge of $35.00 per outgoing ACAT transfer. Incoming ACATs are free.
  • Late Payment: When for any reason your payment does not arrive by Settlement Date, we still must pay for your securities that day. Consequently, until we receive the funds from you we incur borrowing costs. We pass these costs on to you. 
  • Account Maintenance Fee: This $35 fee only applies to an account that has been open at least 12 months prior to November 1; and has had fewer than two trades in the 12 months prior to December 1, or has less than $10,000 in cash and/or money market funds (can be combined), or less than $10,000 in a networked mutual fund. RBC Dain retirement plan accounts, Investment Access accounts, fee-based accounts, and margin accounts with a margin loan balance are not subject to the IAF.
  • Miscellaneous Fees: Please click here to see a complete list of miscellaneous fees charged.


J W Korth/Shop4Bonds reserves the right to make changes to the pricing of its services at any time without prior notice to customers. Customers will be notified of trade pricing at the time they place their trade.



* The information presented on our website regarding bond offerings is gathered from dealers throughout the United States and in some instances may be from other parts of the world. While very comprehensive, it should not be expected that we are showing all the offerings of any security. Also some of the offerings may be our own or from our customers.





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